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{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Terms"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Terms of use of this website"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Privacy"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Last Bastion Network Privacy Policy"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Support"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Support on The Last Bastion Network"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Non-Disclosure Agreement "}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "We are effectively giving all of our Intellectual Property to our agents and maintainers and as such, you must sign our NDA before participating."}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Evaluation License"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Some of our products may be available in evalution form. When such an offer is made, these are the terms binding such arrangement."}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Privacy Statement"}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": "Our formal statement regarding our use of your personal information."}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": ""}}
{"___multilanguage___": {"en": ""}}

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