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RPMPackage R-whoami-1.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
Look up the username and full name of the current user, the current user's email address and 'GitHub' username, using various sources of system and configuration information.
RPMPackage R-whisker-0.3.2-1.lbn25.noarch
logicless templating, reuse templates in many programming languages including R
RPMPackage R-webutils-0.6-1.lbn25.x86_64
High performance in-memory http request parser for application/json, multipart/form-data, and application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Includes live demo of hosting and parsing multipart forms with either 'httpuv' or
RPMPackage R-webp-0.4-1.lbn25.x86_64
Lossless webp images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNG. Lossy webp images are 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEG. This package reads and writes webp images into a 3 (rgb) or 4 (rgba) channel bitmap array using conventions from the 'jpeg' and 'png' packages.
RPMPackage R-wavethresh-4.6.8-3.lbn25.x86_64
Software to perform 1-d and 2-d wavelet statistics and transforms
RPMPackage R-waveslim-1.7.5-6.lbn25.x86_64
Basic wavelet routines for time series (1D), image (2D) and array (3D) analysis. The code provided here is based on wavelet methodology developed in Percival and Walden (2000); Gencay, Selcuk and Whitcher (2001); the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (CWT) from Kingsbury (1999, 2001) as implemented by Selesnick; and Hilbert wavelet pairs (Selesnick 2001, 2002). All figures in chapters 4-7 of GSW (2001) are reproducible using this package and R code available at the book website(s) below.
RPMPackage R-viridisLite-0.3.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Implementation of the 'viridis' - the default -, 'magma', 'plasma', 'inferno', and 'cividis' color maps for 'R'. 'viridis', 'magma', 'plasma', and 'inferno' are ported from 'matplotlib' <>, a popular plotting library for 'Python'. 'cividis', was developed by Jamie R. Nuñez and Sean M. Colby. These color maps are designed in such a way that they will analytically be perfectly perceptually-uniform, both in regular form and also when converted to black-and-white. They are also designed to be perceived by readers with the most common form of color blindness (all color maps in this package) and color vision deficiency ('cividis' only). This is the 'lite' version of the more complete 'viridis' package.
RPMPackage R-uuid-0.1.2-4.lbn25.x86_64
Tools for generating and handling of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers).
RPMPackage R-utf8-1.1.3-1.lbn25.x86_64
Process and print 'UTF-8' encoded international text (Unicode). Input, validate, normalize, encode, format, and display.
RPMPackage R-tkrplot-0.0.23-1.lbn25.x86_64
simple mechanism for placing R graphics in a Tk widget
RPMPackage R-tikzDevice-0.11-1.lbn25.x86_64
Provides a graphics output device for R that records plots in a LaTeX-friendly format. The device transforms plotting commands issued by R functions into LaTeX code blocks. When included in a LaTeX document, these blocks are interpreted with the help of 'TikZ'---a graphics package for TeX and friends written by Till Tantau. Using the 'tikzDevice', the text of R plots can contain LaTeX commands such as mathematical formula. The device also allows arbitrary LaTeX code to be inserted into the output
RPMPackage R-testthat-1.0.2-3.lbn25.x86_64
A unit testing system designed to be fun, flexible, and easy to set up.
RPMPackage R-testit-0.7-3.lbn25.noarch
Provides two convenience functions assert() and test_pkg() to facilitate testing R packages.
RPMPackage R-stringr-1.2.0-3.lbn25.noarch
A consistent, simple and easy to use set of wrappers around the fantastic 'stringi' package. All function and argument names (and positions) are consistent, all functions deal with "NA"'s and zero length vectors in the same way, and the output from one function is easy to feed into the input of another.
RPMPackage R-stringi-1.1.7-1.lbn25.x86_64
Allows for fast, correct, consistent, portable, as well as convenient character string/text processing in every locale and any native encoding. Owing to the use of the ICU library, the package provides R users with platform-independent functions known to Java, Perl, Python, PHP, and Ruby programmers. Available features include: pattern searching (e.g., with ICU Java-like regular expressions or the Unicode Collation Algorithm), random string generation, case mapping, string transliteration, concatenation, Unicode normalization, date-time formatting and parsing, etc.
RPMPackage R-stringdist-
Implements an approximate string matching version of R's native 'match' function. Can calculate various string distances based on edits (Damerau-Levenshtein, Hamming, Levenshtein, optimal sting alignment), qgrams (q- gram, cosine, jaccard distance) or heuristic metrics (Jaro, Jaro-Winkler). An implementation of soundex is provided as well. Distances can be computed between character vectors while taking proper care of encoding or between integer vectors representing generic sequences.
RPMPackage R-statnet.common-4.0.0-1.lbn25.x86_64
Non-statistical utilities used by the software developed by the Statnet Project. They may also be of use to others.
RPMPackage R-statmod-1.4.20-7.lbn25.x86_64
Various statistical modeling functions including growth curve comparisons, limiting dilution analysis, mixed linear models, heteroscedastic regression, Tweedie family generalized linear models, the inverse-Gaussian distribution and Gauss quadrature.
RPMPackage R-sp-1.2.7-1.lbn25.x86_64
Classes and methods for spatial data; the classes document where the spatial location information resides, for 2D or 3D data. Utility functions are provided, e.g. for plotting data as maps, spatial selection, as well as methods for retrieving coordinates, for subsetting, print, summary,
RPMPackage R-sourcetools-0.1.7-1.lbn25.x86_64
Tools for the reading and tokenization of R code. The 'sourcetools' package provides both an R and C++ interface for the tokenization of R code, and helpers for interacting with the tokenized representation of R code.
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