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 Last Bastion Network

We are a leading provider of Enterprise Linux DevOps solutions for end to end technology transformation. We have an integrated stack of the leading development, testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery tools and suites to bring agility, structure, governance, and flexibilty to how you own and utilise information technology in your business outcomes.

DevOps is proving to be revolutionary rather than evolutionary in both what it can achieve and to organisational culture. Our consultants are experts in transformation, and leveraging our solutions, can immediately focus efforts upon your unique journey to these platforms and best practice process and workflow to actually achieve the promise of DevOps in your environment.

Every product we support and sell is something we utilise internally. We're very committed to roadmaps, latest releases, support, and maintenace into the future.

Enterprise Software Packaging

We love Enterprise Linux. We have a vast range of packaging tools to allow you to own your distro, and of course, to play seamlessly with your existing RHEL and SLES assets.

Our stack also has everything available to bridge between/across Microsoft offerings - giving you flexibility and choice in targeting and migrating workloads for/across OS platforms.

Cloud Orchestration

We've been doing datacenter management since before the Cloud and have been one of the earliest adopters of Chef - which we've wrapped around all of our software offerings.

We strongly believe in the hybrid cloud and our extensive Chef infrastructure transparently supports VMWare, AWS, Azure, and everything in between. It's one-click deployment into your cloud or our hosted environments or anything you choose in between.

Monitoring and Reporting

We still like old-skool Network Operations Center's - and Zenoss is both a leader and intimately aligned with our internal technology platforms. We have an extensive range of plugins to set up and monitor most common infrastructure and applications - and can write and support anything bespoke.

We're strongly behind the renaissance in reporting and dashboading with Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Grafana and other nascent winners in this field.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

We believe that OpenStack's development workflows are best in class. It's complexity, scale, cooperative and competing deliverables of it's myriad sponsoring vendors surely eclipse your own organisaion. We do the entire toolchain - Git/Gerrit, Zuul, jenkins, with all the enterprise integrations to get you there.

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