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BastionLinux™ across the Organisation

Enterprise SME
Last Bastion Network

Aggregates and builds open source software and system installers in a sophisticated environment where provenance, long term maintenance, upgradability, and repeatability of process is paramount.


Release, deployment, and asset management across your fleet on your own terms.

Integrated financials, subscription, and e-commerce management for any pay per download software business.


Linux OS build and deploy, OpenStack and proprietry cloud management integration.


Zenoss remote network management and monitoring, security patches, hardened system configuration, penetration testing, intrusion detection and forensics.

Configuration Management

We do OpsCode/Chef, the leading Cloud configuration system. We transparently deploy across public, private, and hybrid clouds to any target platform (VMWare, Amazon, Rackspace...)

Our development and hosting operation with our own private sourceforge, a standard range of hosting services, and lots of commercially orientated extras for Zenoss, Zope, and Plone customers.


Web 2.0 programme office management suite.


Web 2.0 small business financials portal focusing upon the Australian regulatory environment.

Zope and Plone

Content management for the enterprise - with all the anciliary software you need to integrate with your existing core infrastructure.


Professional deployment of bespoke software commissioned by customers, and with the assurance of maintenance roadmaps into the future.


Unix, Linux, Openstack, Chef, Zenoss, Zope and Plone consultancy, specialising in hosted/cloud platforms, release and change management, e-commerce and high-end application server services.

Last Bastion Products

These are the major functional and organisational components of the Bastion proposition. From large organisation's wish to mitigate business risk and vendor lockin by owning and managing their software stack to small businesses who desire easy access to powerful commodity applications, we have a solution.

From these tools we've simply created our own brand, BastionLinux™, with it's price-pointed software channel architecture, from which we have made available our own Last Bastion ASP hosting service which specialises in Zenoss, Zope and Plone e-Commerce deployments.

Our products have been specifically designed as plug-and-play with other offerings and services you may already be getting from other commercial Linux vendors. You absolutely do not need to buy into everything to access any of our products.


We are in the process of commercialising a range of our Web 2.0 services, specifically targeting the commercial cloud platforms.

We are always looking for opportunities to contribute our cloud infrastructure to other ventures. Similarly, if you have a business background in finacial accounting or project (or programme) management, we'd like to hear from you.

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