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RPMPackage python3-zopyx.txng3.ext-4.0.0-1.lbn25.x86_64
zopyx.txng3.ext - Extension modules for TextIndexNG3 Author zopyx.txng3.ext is written by Andreas Jung for ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG, Tuebingen, Germany.License - TextIndexNG 3 is published under the Zope Public License V 2.1 (see ZPL.txt) Other license agreements can be made. Contact us for details ( TextIndexNG 3 ships with a copy of the Snowball code ( for...
RPMPackage python3-zopyx.txng3.core-3.6.2-5.lbn25.noarch
TextIndexNG3 core implementation
RPMPackage python3-zope.vocabularyregistry-1.1.1-1.lbn25.noarch
This Zope 3 package provides a zope.schema vocabulary registry that uses utilities to look up vocabularies. Component-based Vocabulary Registry This package provides a vocabulary registry for zope.schema, based on the component architecture. It replaces the zope.schema’s simple vocabulary registry when zope.vocabularyregistry package is imported, so it’s done automatically.
RPMPackage python3-zope.viewlet-4.2.1-1.lbn25.noarch
Viewlets provide a generic framework for building pluggable user interfaces.
RPMPackage python3-zope.untrustedpython-4.0.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Untrusted python library
RPMPackage python3-zope.traversing-4.3.1-1.lbn25.noarch
The zope.traversing package provides adapteres for resolving object paths by traversing an object hierarchy. This also includes support for traversal namespaces (e.g. ++view++, ++skin++, etc.) as well as computing URLs via the @@absolute_url view.
RPMPackage python3-zope.testrunner-4.9.2-1.lbn25.noarch
zope.testrunner uses buildout. To start, run python It will create a number of directories and the bin/buildout script. Next, run bin/buildout. It will create a test script for you. Now, run bin/test to run the zope.testrunner test suite.
RPMPackage python3-zope.testing-4.7-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides a number of testing frameworks. cleanup Provides a mixin class for cleaning up after tests that make global changes. formparser An HTML parser that extracts form information. Python 2 only This is intended to support functional tests that need to extract information from HTML forms returned by the publisher. See formparser.txt. loggingsupport Support for testing logging code If you want to test that your code generates proper log output, you can create and install a handler that collects output. loghandler Logging handler for tests that check logging output. module Lets a doctest pretend to be a Python module. See module.txt. renormalizing Regular expression pattern normalizing output checker. Useful for doctests. server Provides a simple HTTP server compatible with the functional testing API. Lets you interactively play with the system under test. Helpful in debugging functional doctest failures. Python 2 only setupstack A simple framework for automating doctest set-up and tear-down. See setupstack.txt. wait A small utility for dealing with timing non-determinism See wait.txt.
RPMPackage python3-zope.testbrowser-5.3.1-1.lbn25.noarch
zope.testbrowser provides an easy-to-use programmable web browser with special focus on testing. It is used in Zope, but it's not Zope specific at all. For instance, it can be used to test or otherwise interact with any web site.
RPMPackage python3-zope.tales-4.3-1.lbn25.noarch
Template Attribute Language - Expression Syntax See
RPMPackage python3-zope.tal-4.4-1.lbn25.noarch
The Zope3 Template Attribute Languate (TAL) specifies the custom namespace and attributes which are used by the Zope Page Templates renderer to inject dynamic markup into a page. It also includes the Macro Expansion for TAL (METAL) macro language used in page assembly. The dynamic values themselves are specified using a companion language, TALES (see the 'zope.tales' package for more). See:
RPMPackage python3-zope.structuredtext-4.3-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides a parser and renderers for the classic Zope “structured text” markup dialect (STX). STX is a plain text markup in which document structure is signalled primarily by identation
RPMPackage python3-zope.size-4.3-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides a definition of simple interface that allows to retrieve the size of the object for displaying and for sorting. The default adapter is also provided. It expects objects to have the getSize method that returns size in bytes, however, it won't crash if an object doesn't have one and will show size as not available instead.
This package provides a local and persistent site manager implementation, so that one can register local utilities and adapters. It uses local adapter registries for its adapter and utility registry. The module also provides some facilities to organize the local software and ensures the correct behavior inside the ZODB.
RPMPackage python3-zope.session-4.3.0-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides interfaces for client identification and session support and their implementations for the request objects of zope.publisher.
RPMPackage python3-zope.sequencesort-4.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides support for sorting sequences based on multiple keys, including locale-based comparisons and per-key directions.
RPMPackage python3-zope.sendmail-4.2-1.lbn25.noarch
zope.sendmail :target:
RPMPackage python3-zope.securitypolicy-4.3.1-1.lbn25.noarch
This package provides an useful security policy for Zope3. It’s the default security policy used in “zope3 the application” and many other zope-based projects.
The Security framework provides a generic mechanism to implement security policies on Python objects. This introduction provides a tutorial of the framework explaining concepts, design, and going through sample usage from the perspective of a Python programmer using the framework outside of Zope.
The Security framework provides a generic mechanism to implement security policies on Python objects. This introduction provides a tutorial of the framework explaining concepts, design, and going through sample usage from the perspective of a Python programmer using the framework outside of Zope.
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