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RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-vault-0.2.2-1.lbn25.noarch
Hiera backend for looking up secrets stored in Vault.
RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-http-eyaml-0.9.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Fork of the Hiera HTTP backend with eYAML support.
RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-eyaml-kms-0.1-1.lbn25.noarch
AWS KMS encryptor for use with hiera-eyaml.
RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-eyaml-2.1.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Hiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties.
RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-aws-parameter-store-0.1.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Configuration hiera-aws-parameter-store configuration is quite simple. It uses default AWS connection and the following parameters: prefix : prefix used to find parameters in AWS Parameter Store. Mandatory. max_results : maximum number of results per AWS Parameter Store request. Default value is 50 (which is the maximum at 2017-01-21). Here is a sample hiera.yaml: --- :backends: - aws_parameter_store :aws_parameter_store: :prefix: puppet. :max_results: 50 :logger: console AWS credentials You need AWS credentials in order to access to AWS Parameter Store. The following policy shows you the required permissions: { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "ssm:DescribeParameters" ], "Resource": "*" }, { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "ssm:GetParameters" ], "Resource": "arn:aws:ssm:{region}:{account}:parameter/{prefix}*" } ] } where: region: AWS region in which parameters are stored. account: your AWS account. prefix: prefix for those parameters you want to access from Hiera. E.g. if you want to organize your parameters starting with puppet., you have to use this as prefix. As an example, you can have parameters like: puppet.myapp.version. Conversions between AWS Parameter Store and Hiera types In AWS Parameter Store are present the following types: String: if the parameter name does not contains dots (.), the resulting hiera object is a String with parameter's value. If it contains dots, it's splitted and converted into a hash of objects with the last element as a string. String List: Converted into an array. Secure String: Not compatible yet. Examples: myappname=MyAppName (String) -> hiera('myappname') = "MyAppName" (String) (String) myapp.version=1.3 (String) -> hiera_hash('myapp') = {"name"=>"MyAppName","version"=>"1.3"} (Hash) mylist=e1,e2,e3 (String List) -> hiera('mylist') = ["e1","e2","e3"] (String) myapp.list=1,2,3 (String List) -> hiera_hash('myapp') = {"name"=>"MyAppName","list"=>["1",
RPMPackage rubygem-hiera-3.4.2-1.lbn25.noarch
A pluggable data store for hierarcical data.
RPMPackage python3-jupyterdrive-1.1.0-1.lbn25.noarch
RPMPackage python3-jupyter-themer-0.4.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Apply custom CSS styling to your jupyter notebooks.Mix and match themes by: color typography
RPMPackage R-zoo-1.7.13-6.lbn25.x86_64
An S3 class with methods for totally ordered indexed observations. It is particularly aimed at irregular time series of numeric vectors/matrices and factors. zoo's key design goals are independence of a particular index/date/ time class and consistency with with ts and base R by providing methods to extend standard generics.
RPMPackage R-yaml-2.1.19-1.lbn25.x86_64
Implements the 'libyaml' 'YAML' 1.1 parser and emitter (<>) for R.
RPMPackage R-xml2-1.2.0-3.lbn25.x86_64
Work with XML files using a simple, consistent interface. Built on top of the 'libxml2' C library.
RPMPackage R-xfun-0.1-1.lbn25.noarch
Miscellaneous functions commonly used in other packages maintained by 'Yihui Xie'.
RPMPackage R-withr-2.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
A set of functions to run code 'with' safely and temporarily modified global state. Many of these functions were originally a part of the 'devtools' package, this provides a simple package with limited dependencies to provide access to these functions.
RPMPackage R-whoami-1.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
Look up the username and full name of the current user, the current user's email address and 'GitHub' username, using various sources of system and configuration information.
RPMPackage R-whisker-0.3.2-1.lbn25.noarch
logicless templating, reuse templates in many programming languages including R
RPMPackage R-webutils-0.6-1.lbn25.x86_64
High performance in-memory http request parser for application/json, multipart/form-data, and application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Includes live demo of hosting and parsing multipart forms with either 'httpuv' or
RPMPackage R-webp-0.4-1.lbn25.x86_64
Lossless webp images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNG. Lossy webp images are 25-34% smaller in size compared to JPEG. This package reads and writes webp images into a 3 (rgb) or 4 (rgba) channel bitmap array using conventions from the 'jpeg' and 'png' packages.
RPMPackage R-wavethresh-4.6.8-3.lbn25.x86_64
Software to perform 1-d and 2-d wavelet statistics and transforms
RPMPackage R-waveslim-1.7.5-6.lbn25.x86_64
Basic wavelet routines for time series (1D), image (2D) and array (3D) analysis. The code provided here is based on wavelet methodology developed in Percival and Walden (2000); Gencay, Selcuk and Whitcher (2001); the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (CWT) from Kingsbury (1999, 2001) as implemented by Selesnick; and Hilbert wavelet pairs (Selesnick 2001, 2002). All figures in chapters 4-7 of GSW (2001) are reproducible using this package and R code available at the book website(s) below.
RPMPackage R-viridisLite-0.3.0-1.lbn25.noarch
Implementation of the 'viridis' - the default -, 'magma', 'plasma', 'inferno', and 'cividis' color maps for 'R'. 'viridis', 'magma', 'plasma', and 'inferno' are ported from 'matplotlib' <>, a popular plotting library for 'Python'. 'cividis', was developed by Jamie R. Nuñez and Sean M. Colby. These color maps are designed in such a way that they will analytically be perfectly perceptually-uniform, both in regular form and also when converted to black-and-white. They are also designed to be perceived by readers with the most common form of color blindness (all color maps in this package) and color vision deficiency ('cividis' only). This is the 'lite' version of the more complete 'viridis' package.
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