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RPMPackage rubygem-sprockets-rails-3.2.0-5.lbn25.noarch
Provides Sprockets implementation for Rails 4.x (and beyond) Asset Pipeline.
RPMPackage rubygem-sprockets-3.7.1-3.lbn25.noarch
Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, LESS, Sass, and SCSS.
RPMPackage rubygem-specinfra-2.67.9-1.lbn25.noarch
Common layer for serverspec and itamae.
RPMPackage rubygem-rubyzip-1.1.7-5.lbn25.noarch
A ruby module for reading and writing zip files.
RPMPackage rubygem-mustermann-1.0.0-1.fc27.noarch
library implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions.
RPMPackage rubygem-loofah-2.0.1-1.lbn25.noarch
Loofah is a general library for manipulating and transforming HTML/XML documents and fragments. It's built on top of Nokogiri and libxml2, so it's fast and has a nice API. Loofah excels at HTML sanitization (XSS prevention). It includes some nice HTML sanitizers, which are based on HTML5lib's whitelist, so it most likely won't make your codes less secure. (These statements have not been evaluated by Netexperts.) ActiveRecord extensions for sanitization are available in the `loofah-activerecord` gem (see
RPMPackage rubygem-kitchen-cloudformation-1.2.0-1.lbn25.noarch
A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon AWS CloudFormation.
RPMPackage rubygem-json-2.1.0-102.lbn25.x86_64
This is a implementation of the JSON specification according to RFC 4627 in Ruby. You can think of it as a low fat alternative to XML, if you want to store data to disk or transmit it over a network rather than use a verbose markup language.
RPMPackage rubygem-iso8601-0.9.1-1.lbn25.noarch
ISO8601 is a simple implementation in Ruby of the ISO 8601 (Data elements and interchange formats - Information interchange - Representation of dates and times) standard.
RPMPackage rubygem-iostruct-0.0.4-1.lbn25.noarch
A Struct that can read/write itself from/to IO-like objects.
RPMPackage rubygem-hashdiff-0.2.3-1.lbn25.noarch
HashDiff is a diff lib to compute the smallest difference between two hashes. .
RPMPackage rubygem-fog-ovirt-0.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
This library can be used as a module for `fog`.
RPMPackage rubygem-erubi-1.6.0-2.fc27.noarch
Erubi is a ERB template engine for ruby. It is a simplified fork of Erubis.
RPMPackage rubygem-eb_deployer-0.6.6-1.lbn25.noarch
For automating Blue-Green deployment flows on Elastic Beanstalk.
RPMPackage rubygem-dotgpg-0.6.1-1.lbn25.noarch
Easy management of gpg-encrypted backup files.
RPMPackage rubygem-concurrent-ruby-1.0.5-2.lbn25.noarch
Modern concurrency tools including agents, futures, promises, thread pools, actors, supervisors, and more. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Go, JavaScript, actors, and classic concurrency patterns.
RPMPackage rubygem-chef-api-0.7.1-1.lbn25.noarch
A tiny Chef API client with minimal dependencies.
RPMPackage rubygem-cfndsl-0.11.11-1.lbn25.noarch
DSL for creating AWS Cloudformation templates.
RPMPackage rubygem-azure-core-0.1.14-1.lbn25.noarch
Microsoft Azure Client Core Library for Ruby SDK.
RPMPackage rubygem-aws-sigv4-1.0.2-1.lbn25.noarch
Amazon Web Services Signature Version 4 signing ligrary. Generates sigv4 signature for HTTP requests.