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RPMPackage R-rprojroot-1.2-2.lbn25.noarch
Robust, reliable and flexible paths to files below a project root. The 'root' of a project is defined as a directory that matches a certain criterion, e.g., it contains a certain regular file.
RPMPackage R-rprintf-0.2.1-2.lbn25.noarch
Provides a set of functions to facilitate building formatted strings under various replacement rules: C-style formatting, variable-based formatting, and number-based formatting. C-style formatting is basically identical to built-in function 'sprintf'. Variable-based formatting allows users to put variable names in a formatted string which will be replaced by variable values. Number-based formatting allows users to use index numbers to represent the corresponding argument value to appear in the string.
RPMPackage R-roxygen2-6.0.1-1.lbn25.x86_64
Generate your Rd documentation, 'NAMESPACE' file, and collation field using specially formatted comments. Writing documentation in-line with code makes it easier to keep your documentation up-to-date as your requirements change. 'Roxygen2' is inspired by the 'Doxygen' system for C++.
RPMPackage R-rmarkdown-1.9-1.lbn25.noarch
Convert R Markdown documents into a variety of formats.
RPMPackage R-rlecuyer-0.3.4-3.lbn25.x86_64
Provides an interface to the C implementation of the random number generator with multiple independent streams developed by L'Ecuyer et al (2002). The main purpose of this package is to enable the use of this random number generator in parallel R applications.
RPMPackage R-rlang-0.2.0-1.lbn25.x86_64
A toolbox for working with base types, core R features like the condition system, and core 'Tidyverse' features like tidy evaluation.
RPMPackage R-rgeos-0.3.26-1.lbn25.x86_64
Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source ('GEOS') using the C 'API' for topology operations on geometries.
RPMPackage R-rgdal-1.2.18-1.lbn25.x86_64
Provides bindings to the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library ('GDAL') (>= 1.6.3) and access to projection/transformation operations from the 'PROJ.4' library. Both 'GDAL' raster and 'OGR' vector map data can be imported into R, and 'GDAL' raster data and 'OGR' vector data exported. Use is made of classes defined in the 'sp' package.
RPMPackage R-rex-1.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
A friendly interface for the construction of regular expressions.
RPMPackage R-reticulate-1.7-1.lbn25.x86_64
Interface to 'Python' modules, classes, and functions. When calling into 'Python', R data types are automatically converted to their equivalent 'Python' types. When values are returned from 'Python' to R they are converted back to R types.
RPMPackage R-reshape2-1.4.3-3.lbn25.x86_64
Flexibly restructure and aggregate data using just two functions: melt and 'dcast' (or 'acast').
RPMPackage R-reshape-0.8.7-2.lbn25.noarch
Flexibly restructure and aggregate data using just two functions: melt and cast.
RPMPackage R-reprex-0.1.2-1.lbn25.noarch
Convenience wrapper that uses the 'rmarkdown' package to render small snippets of code to target formats that include both code and output. The goal is to encourage the sharing of small, reproducible, and runnable examples on code-oriented websites, such as <> and <>, or in email. 'reprex' also extracts clean, runnable R code from various common formats, such as copy/paste from an R session.
RPMPackage R-repr-0.12-1.lbn25.noarch
String and byte representations for all kinds of R objects
RPMPackage R-rematch-1.0.1-1.lbn25.noarch
A small wrapper on 'regexpr' to extract the matches and captured groups from the match of a regular expression to a character vector.
RPMPackage R-qtl-1.41.6-4.lbn25.x86_64
R-qtl is an extensible, interactive environment for mapping quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in experimental crosses. Our goal is to make complex QTL mapping methods widely accessible and allow users to focus on modeling rather than computing. A key component of computational methods for QTL mapping is the hidden Markov model (HMM) technology for dealing with missing genotype data. We have implemented the main HMM algorithms, with allowance for the presence of genotyping errors, for backcrosses, intercrosses, and phase-known four-way crosses. The current version of R-qtl includes facilities for estimating genetic maps, identifying genotyping errors, and performing single-QTL genome scans and two-QTL, two-dimensional genome scans, by interval mapping (with the EM algorithm), Haley-Knott regression, and multiple imputation. All of this may be done in the presence of covariates (such as sex, age or treatment). One may also fit higher-order QTL models by multiple imputation and Haley-Knott regression.
RPMPackage R-promises-1.0.1-1.lbn25.x86_64
Provides fundamental abstractions for doing asynchronous programming in R using promises. Asynchronous programming is useful for allowing a single R process to orchestrate multiple tasks in the background while also attending to something else. Semantics are similar to 'JavaScript' promises, but with a syntax that is idiomatic R.
RPMPackage R-processx-
Portable tools to run system processes in the background. It can check if a background process is running; wait on a background process to finish; get the exit status of finished processes; kill background processes and their children; restart processes. It can read the standard output and error of the processes, using non-blocking connections. 'processx' can poll a process for standard output or error, with a timeout. It can also poll several processes at once.
RPMPackage R-preprocessCore-1.38.1-3.lbn25.x86_64
A library of core preprocessing routines
RPMPackage R-polynom-1.3.9-1.lbn25.noarch
A collection of functions to implement a class for univariate polynomial
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