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RPM  opencrowbar-template- Architecture  noarch Size  4812 Created  2019/09/30 06:51:47 UTC
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Summary OpenCrowbar is a Hardware Provisioner and Software Deployment Tool
Group system/management
License Apache-2.0
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This is the opencrowbar-template package for Crowbar 2.0. This pacakge is NOT required for any working installation - it serves as a pattern for development of future add-on modules.

Crowbar 2.0 is a second-generation DevOps tool that enables deployment of bare servers into a production ready cluster in a matter of hours. Crowbar 2.0 can deploy any software stack, but has been initially developed to deploy Hadoop and OpenStack.

Crowbar 2.0 is able to prepare server hardware, firmware, and hardware-based controllers to create a known-state hardware platform that is ready to receive the installation of an operating system, application-specific software, pre-configure the application-specific platform so it is ready to deploy a clustered workload to compute and/or storage nodes.

Crowbar provides server discovery, firmware updates, and operating system installation using PXE boot or virtual instance deployment. Crowbar deploys applications on top of hardware-provisioned operating system platforms using Jigs. Supported Jigs includes: Chef, Puppet, and SSH-based shell scripting.


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