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RPM  opencrowbar-hardware- Architecture  noarch Size  4620 Created  2019/09/30 06:51:35 UTC
Package Specification
Summary OpenCrowbar is a Hardware Provisioner and Software Deployment Tool
Group system/management
License Apache-2.0
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This is the opencrowbar-hardware package for OpenCrowbar. This pacakge is required for any working installation that requires the RIAD and BIOS hardware provisioning capability. modules.

OpenCrowbar is a second-generation DevOps tool that enables deployment of bare servers into a production ready cluster in a matter of hours. OpenCrowbar can deploy any software stack, but has been initially developed to deploy Hadoop and OpenStack.

OpenCrowbar is able to prepare server hardware, firmware, and hardware-based controllers to create a known-state hardware platform that is ready to receive the installation of an operating system, application-specific software, pre-configure the application-specific platform so it is ready to deploy a clustered workload to compute and/or storage nodes.

OpenCrowbar provides server discovery, firmware updates, and operating system installation using PXE boot or virtual instance deployment. OpenCrowbar deploys applications on top of hardware-provisioned operating system platforms using Jigs. Supported Jigs includes: Chef, Puppet, and SSH-based shell scripting.


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