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Package Attributes
RPM  rubygem-hitimes-1.3.1-1.lbn25.x86_64.rpm Architecture  x86_64 Size  36525 Created  2019/08/21 22:20:41 UTC
Package Specification
Summary A fast, high resolution timer library for recording performance metrics
Group Development/Languages
License ISC
Home Page

Hitimes is a fast, high resolution timer library for recording performance metrics. It uses the appropriate low method calls for each system to get the highest granularity time increments possible. It currently supports any of the following systems: any system with the POSIX call `clock_gettime()` Mac OS X Windows JRuby Using Hitimes can be faster than using a series of `` calls, and it will have a much higher granularity. It is definitely faster than using `Process.times`.


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