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RPM  snort-2.9.4-1.x86_64.rpm Architecture  x86_64 Epoch  1 Size  6115319 Created  2017/08/04 11:10:23 UTC
Package Specification
Summary An open source Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
Group Applications/Internet
License GPL
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Snort is an open source network intrusion detection system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks. It can perform protocol analysis, content searching/matching and can be used to detect a variety of attacks and probes, such as buffer overflows, stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes, OS fingerprinting attempts, and much more.

Snort has three primary uses. It can be used as a straight packet sniffer like tcpdump(1), a packet logger (useful for network traffic debugging, etc), or as a full blown network intrusion detection system.

You MUST edit /etc/snort/snort.conf to configure snort before it will work!

There are 5 different packages available. All of them require the base snort rpm (this one). Additionally, you may need to chose a different binary to install if you want database support.

If you install a different binary package /usr/sbin/snort should end up being a symlink to a binary in one of the following configurations:

plain Snort (this package, required)

Please see the documentation in /usr/share/doc/snort-2.9.4 for more information on snort features and configuration.


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